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Specialised Business Accountant
The Power of Knowledge. Expertise through Commitment.

If you are currently in business ask yourself one question. When was your business structure last reviewed?. If your answer is more than 12 months ago, then that is too long.

If you are about to start a business, then have you spoken to an accountant before you do anything? If you are considering commencing a business, your first step should be to obtain advice on how to best structure your operation.

Many things can change in business and obviously nobody sets out to fail, but the reality is many businesses do. Inexperience and limited cash flow are possibly the two biggest barriers to small business success. Both can be overcome with the right business plan, structure and advice.

Much of your success rests on developing a business structure to fit your circumstances. Often we assess a new clients' position and discover they have not carefully considered their current structure. This generally results in an unfavourable tax and asset protection position.

Dendra Accounting Group structures your business for future success by:

  • Identifying the most favourable business structure for your specific personal needs
  • Advising on effective ways to minimise tax and protect your business and personal assets
  • Restructuring where we identify you are operating in a less than optimum business structure

What Our Clients Say

  • "We have been with the Dendra Accounting Team for more than ten years. The team look at both our family business, property portfolios and personal priorities and then tailor a financial plan that best suits our needs."
    Sharp Edge Australia | Read More
  • "We started Northern RV Plumbing 6 years ago, our niche being caravan manufacturers. Previously, we would only speak to our accountant once a year to prepare our tax return."
    Northern RV Plumbing Pty Ltd | Read More
  • "George and the team at Dendra have been an integral part of my business, helping me understand the most basic to more complex matters in a way that is simple and of great value"
    All Children's Care Relieving Agency | Read More
  • "ATA Signage Services manufacture and install all types of signage, from small decals to large pylons and everything in between. When we decided to move from a small sole proprietor into a Pty Ltd company we interviewed 5 different accountants, and chose Dendra for the job."
    ATA Signage Services | Read More
  • "We started our business Exlite Electrical Contractors two years ago. Having never run our own business we obviously had a lot to learn."
    Exlite Electrical Contractors | Read More


Australian Accounting Awards 2016

Fast-growing firm of the year. Partner of the year - boutique firm. Executive of the year.

Why Dendra

With Dendra, you work with a pro-active accountant who can drive your business growth, reduce risk and improve decision making. We take pride in finding the right solutions – from the practical and straightforward to the most challenging.